INHOUD Lezing met Sujith Ravindran: “The 7 spiritual laws of abundance”

10 november 2015 @ 20:00
Heerlijckyt van Elsmeren
Weg op Halen 2
3450 Geetbets
Donation Basis

Content of the inspirational evening seminar held by Sujith Ravindran on November 10th, 2015 at the Heerlijckyt, Geetbets


More and more people are listening to their calling. Like never before, they are deserting organizations in order to follow their passions. They are giving up a life of certainty & security, and are going for a life of purpose and meaning. Many today step out of their relationships because their relationships do not support their passion.

Yet, their material life does not reflect the same inner abundance that they experience. They struggle to pay their bills and feel limited to follow their hearts due to their material limitations. Unfortunately most individual’s noble intentions only trap them in a life of toil.

Sujith exposed some sacred wisdom from the Indian masters on how to shape a life that will draw ‘outer’ abundance towards you (Sujith will release the book with the same title in the coming months).

The 7 laws of abundance:

  • Law 1: Exchange is the nature of the universe
  • Law 2: Giving and receiving are non-local in space and time
  • Law 3: What gets received is greater than what is given / What you receive is greater than what you give
  • Law 4: What I receive is a reflection of my inner state
  • Law 5: What I receive is proportional to my level of awareness with which I give
  • Law 6: The universe brings you all the resources you need to live your passion, your purpose, your mission, your dharma
  • Law 7: Real wealth is inexhaustible and is like quick sand: if you try to grasp it in a closed hand it will slip through, if you hold it in an open hand, it will stay and flourish.


  • In the Tantra filosophy of India (different from the more narrow Tantra interpretation in the West): everything is connected. Giving and receiving have to be ‘in a constant flow’.
  • We have to ask ourselves the question: “which resource do I have abundantly to give to the world?”. This could be: love, time, compassion, humor, life experience, money, …
  • Whenever you stop giving to a particular universe, that universe will collapse. This universe might be your body, your family, your country, …
  • We should be giving, just for the pure joy of it, without thinking “what’s in it for me?”.
  • True giving is not like a burning candle that consumes the giver. Giving should therefore not be the result of guilt, shame or fear, but should come straight from the heart.
  • Once you can let go of self-preservation, you can move to self-realisation.
  • We should be thankful for everything we receive, independent from the source from which we receive it.
  • Your karma informs your dharma: a person’s unique life experiences (karma) shows the path to a person’s unique gifts or mission in the world (= dharma)

Brainstorm on what is our relationship to Money:
Quoted by participants: Indifference, money is an illusion, money is subjective, money is a way to have the things you like, practical, love spending it, difficulty asking for it, money as addiction, fear of money, money is energy, money is freedom, scarcity of money, cost of money vs value of money

Stages of detachment from Money (Sujith):

  1. Money controls your reality
  2. You control money
  3. Renounced or fully detached from money (or any other result)

Brainstorm on definitions of Wealth:
Quoted by participants: Health, heaving resources to do the things I want to do, consciousness, connection, savings, love, being around people you love, doing what I want to do, water, art, time, thriving environment, enjoyment, joy, 10 different bikes to choose from, fulfilled basic needs, no suffering, gratitude, feeling the joy of things

Paper Exercise:
My inner state is my choice. Paper exercise: left side = what would I really like to have/do/…, right side = how would I feel once I would have/do/… that (what is on the left side). Cut the paper in two and change the order, left becomes right: “How do I need to feel/act/…” in order to be able to “have/do… what I really want”

(thank you, Ilse, for sharing your notes and preparing the summary for the site).


Sujith coaches business and political leaders across the world and continues to support men embody their most authentic masculine self. In his free time, he continues to serve in penal institutions, teaching meditation, service and the power of choice to both prison staff & inmates, ex-convicts, gangsters, addicts and others who live outside the mainstream of society.

Sujith has a realistic and light-hearted outlook on life and speaks in an eloquent, humorous and down-to-earth way. For his contribution to personal growth, in 2012 he was conferred the honour of AMBASSADOR OF PEACE in Italy.

Sujith has several global programs running on personal mastery and is a frequent guest on several radio/TV channels across the world. He is often invited to speak on the subject of spirituality and personal growth at renowned spiritual centers in North America, Europe and India. As one of the world’s leading voices on business spirituality, Sujith is invited to speak within ministries, multi-nationals and business schools, and is a guest speaker at various colleges worldwide.

One important reason why Sujith offers all his service on a donation basis is because ‘accessibility’ is an important principle of the sages. In order to make spiritual growth available to all (not only the wealthy).

You can find more of him and his service at www.sujithravindran.comAlso get a glimpse of Sujith here.