Dagworkshop voor mannen met Sujith Ravindran: “To be the mountain … holding the inner and outer space”

11 november 2015 @ 09:00 – 17:00
Weg op Halen 2
3450 Geetbets
Cost + donation basis

A man shall be like the mountain … so that the challenges of life – rain, sunshine, wind, fire and even storm – don’t distract him from living his most authentic masculine self and highest purpose … (the mountain is used as a symbol for positive and stable inner qualities of being a man).

To become “that mountain” we will learn practices ’to ‘hold our own inner space’. What can we do to increase the capacity to contain what happens inside and remain calm and stable with all kinds of physical sensations, emotions and thoughts ?

Based on a stable ‘mountainlike’ inner space we can more and more ‘hold the outer space’ for others, for our family, for a group of men, at work and in our daily life. It is the quality of holding the outer space that makes it possible to allow people to really show themselves, to open up and share their truth. This allows at the same time healing to happen.

An inspirational day for men who want to (further) discover their truth and inner essence, and also bring it into the world. During this beautiful day, we will practice together to stand as men in a council of brothers, share our own truths and honor and accept oter men’s truths. We will support each other to safely express all our questions in life.

SujithRavindranFrom Sujith Ravindran, the facilitator of the day and the bestseller-author of MATURE MASCULINITY, we will pick up some handy spiritual practices and learn some ancient rituals that help us to be fulfilled men, and we will eat and have fun together. We will go into the woods, and in our deep connection with nature we will find our missing connection to our own inner nature. Together with other men like you, you will experience the natural way of ‘being’; men who want to be the steady mountain in the midst of rain, storm or sunshine. Through some ancient practices, we will get in touch with our mature masculine spirit that will smile when it rains and laugh when it storms.


Sujith coaches business and political leaders across the world and continues to support men embody their most authentic masculine self. In his free time, he continues to serve in penal institutions, teaching meditation, service and the power of choice to both prison staff & inmates, ex-convicts, gangsters, addicts and others who live outside the mainstream of society.

Sujith has a realistic and light-hearted outlook on life and speaks in an eloquent, humorous and down-to-earth way. For his contribution to personal growth, in 2012 he was conferred the honour of AMBASSADOR OF PEACE in Italy.

Sujith has several global programs running on personal mastery and is a frequent guest on several radio/TV channels across the world. He is often invited to speak on the subject of spirituality and personal growth at renowned spiritual centers in North America, Europe and India. As one of the world’s leading voices on business spirituality, Sujith is invited to speak within ministries, multi-nationals and business schools, and is a guest speaker at various colleges worldwide.

One important reason why Sujith offers all his service on a donation basis is because ‘accessibility’ is an important principle of the sages. In order to make spiritual growth available to all (not only the wealthy).

You can find more of him and his service at www.sujithravindran.comAlso get a glimpse of Sujith here.

Contribution: Cost 25 euro/pp for the day covering the in/outdoor location, cofee/thee/water and a simple lunch. Plus+ donation, combination for Sujiths generous sharing and MannenWerk Vzw facilitation.

Combining this day with the evening seminar and/or staying overnight is possible (@ €42,40 pp in shared room including breakfast, €80,56 single room including breakfast – single room possible upon availability, ask for info). Including bed sheets, towels for shower and breakfast.

Payment: payment by bank transfer 735-0264165-22 (international bank account BIC: KREDBEBB en IBAN: BE06 7350 2641 6522) on MannenWerk Vzw with message “activity + date + name participant(s)”.


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